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Privacy (As of 04.12.2023)


Of course we take care of the privacy of your personal data.
In particular a web-based e-mail service must comply with the conditions of data protection requirements.
Emailshuttle collects, processes and uses personal data of an user without further consent, only if necessary for purposes of payment and justification of contracts.
  • Which data will be stored?

    In general Emailshuttle does not store personal data, if you have not consented explicitly like in the registration process. Data will only be saved in accordance with statutory provisions for internal statistics and will be deleted after interpretation. For justification of a contractual relationship name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number and appropriately, bank account and password from the user are needed.
    In addition, voluntarily further data, for example in an address book, may be stored. These data are erased at the end of the contractual relationship. Customer data stored in the registration process will be deleted one year after the end of the contractual relationship.
    Emailshuttle passes no data to third parties and guarantees that your incoming and outgoing mails neither be filtered nor saved, or otherwise be monitored!
    This service does not use third-party websites and does not transmit any activity or personal information to other companies.
    For this service Emailshuttle must deal with your login-data and your e-mail password. Emailshuttle guarantees that all sensitive data are stored in an encrypted form.
    Upon request Emailshuttle gives free of charge and immediately information about the stored data to the user. This information may also be issued electronically on requirement.
    If the processing of personal data takes place on the basis of consents, these can be withdrawn without undue delay.
    With regard to such personal data processed by us in order to safeguard the legitimate interests, each data subject has the right, at any time, to object to this processing in a formally free manner for reasons arising from their particular situation.

  • Encryption

    All data send to your device is encrypted using modern cryptography.
    We use Perfect Forward Secrecy to transfer data long-term encrypted. (See an exemplary SSL Report here)
    No part of your mail is transmitted unencrypted outside this service!
    Data, for example Images, that are derived from an unencrypted source are encrypted via our service.
    If supported by your mail server, all incoming and outgoing mails are received and transmitted in encrypted form using SSL/TLS.
  • Data Security

    Mails that are sent to your device will be checked multiple times for security.
    All emails are checked for malicious content via a modern, daily updated virus scanner.
    Furthermore, the data content of the mails is cleaned up of harmful or incorrect content before the transfer (executable and insecure code is removed, incorrect HTML cleaned up)
    All data is processed exclusively in Europe.
  • No Categorization of mails

    The content of your mails are not, as customary for other providers, categorized for advertising purposes.
    Of course we create no user profiles or similar, for which purposes ever.
  • No Link tracking, click evaluations, opening rates, click-through-rates and similar practice

    Link tracking systems, which nowadays are used for personal data collection in e-marketing, are not used by Emailshuttle. The same applies to click evaluations, opening rates or click-through rates, which in commercial mails are used to register clicks on a link or opening the mail.
    There is currently no system available that is capable to stop such practice.
    To be a little safer, please read your mails in plain text only.
  • Cookies

    Like almost all modern Internet services, we use Session Management Cookies. These cookies are used exclusively within this service.
  • Usage data

    Like any other provider we are obliged by law to save the logs of this HTTP service. Usage data, such as traffic data and information on the beginning, end and extent of using this service, will only be collected, processed and used where necessary to run this service. For privacy purposes and to prevent abuse, the user's IP address, the e-mail address and the date of the last access (login) were logged.
    Under the statutory provisions Emailshuttle is entitled to process information from this data to law enforcement agencies and courts for purposes of prosecution.
  • No Advertising

    Any use or disclose of your data for advertising purposes will not take place and is contrary to our philosophy.
  • Miscellaneous

    Emailshuttle specifically points out that privacy and data security for data transfers in open networks like the internet can not be guaranteed on the current state of technology. For the safety and security of data transmitted to the internet, the customer is fully self-care. Please note that already displaying an external image or clicking on a link in a mail may result in violation of privacy or data protection.

    Your operating system and browser also process your data. In this respect, we additionally refer to the data protection guidelines of your operating system and your browser.

    Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging is used to deliver push messages if you are using this service in an Android-App as an registered user. You can deactivate these notifications under "Settings", "Notifications" at any time.

    Could our privacy policy not answer any of your questions? Would you like more information about one point? Then let us know. We are always happy to give you further information. For all data protection inquiries, please contact the following e-mail address: